Welcome to Study NZ, your personal International Student Agency. If studying in one of the most beautiful places on this planet is something you have thought about, we are the people to pave the way into a smooth experience for you. We offer comprehensive personal care for students from all over the world.

If you are planning to spend some time in New Zealand as a Gapyear please make sure you make contact as well. We realise you do not need the same level of support as our younger clientel, but there is a lot we can help you with too.

Currently our focus is around students speaking German, Spanish or Portuguese as we can support students and their families in their mother tongue in these languages. (We do have access to support for Italian speaking students as well.)


Our agency offers the advice needed to select which school will provide the ideal environment for any young person planning an NZ study experience. Our team will look after the organisation and logistics of an overseas study time from the first moment of planning, decision making, organising applications, introduction to NZ or introductory camp in July, support during the stay, end of time camp in December, until the moment our students get back on a plane to go back home.


We provide the pillow that allows you - as a parent or guardian - to have restfull nights while your child is studying at the other end of the globe. We are the exchange agents who care!


We are there for you at each of our international locations, to answer questions (in your own tongue), and assist with problems, should they arise. We will support your child with any dilemmas of everyday life. From being homesick to organising a weekend away or a doctors appointment, we are on site to take care of it. Whatever happens, we will keep  you informed and are there for your child. We will also assist with travel arrangements to and in New Zealand. We will help students to organise travel during school holidays and also support your own travel, in case you wish to visit your child at any point.

With our help New Zealand is just around the corner! And still the most beautiful place on the globe!